138. Top 16 Marni On The Move Exercise + Wellness Trends to Add to Your 2021 Rituals + Routines

Happy New Year! Welcome to Volume One of the Marni on the Move Annual Fitness + Wellness Trends for a healthy new year. I go through my top sixteen ideas, rituals and routines you should have on your radar and be implementing for 2021!

03 Scott Linde, Founder, SunPotion
67 Dr. Frank Lipman. Eleven Eleven Wellness + The Well
71 Matt Wilpers, Senior Instructor, Peloton
75 Noam Tamir Founder, TS Fitness
79 Giorgos Tsetis and Sophia Kogan Co-Founders Nutrafol Founders
80 David A. Sinclair, PhD, Globally Renowned Microbiologist & Geneticist, Author NYT Bestseller Lifespan
87 Dr. Gil Blander, Founder InsideTracker
91 Shannon Vaughn, Founder Pursoma
92 Andrew Messick, CEO, The  IRONMAN™ Group
93 Shane Facteau, COO, The IRONMAN™ Group
95 Jonathan Toker, Founder, Saltstick™
96 Chavie Rosen, Yoga Teacher
100 Bart Yasso, World Famous Running Coach and Athlete
102 David A. Sinclair, PhD, Globally Renowned Microbiologist & Geneticist, Author NYT Bestseller Lifespan
104 Earl Walton, IRONMAN™
108 Ashley Reaver, RS, CSSD, and Lead Nutrition Scientist at InsideTracker
112 Kevin Rutherford, CEO of NUUN Hydration
113 Matt Fitzgerald, Globally Renowned Endurance Sports Author and Coach
114 Colleen M Brough, PT, DPT, MS, Founder + Director of Columbia Run Lab
118 Colleen Quigley, Professional Runner, Bowerman Track Club
119 Dr. Linda Lancaster, Founder of Light Harmonics & Author of NYT Best Selling Book Harmonic Healing
123 Joel Friel, Co-Founder Training Peaks, World Renowned Endurance Coach and Author
124 Mohammed Iqbal, CEO SweatWorks
127 Maryl Hoskings, Founder, Joy Blended Healing
128 Melinda DeSeta, LMHC
129 Bethany Lyons, Lyons Den Yoga
130 Nia Akins, Professional Runner BBTC
132 Spencer Brown, Professional Runner BBTC
133 Tara Stiles, Strala Yoga
134 Dr. Will Li, New York Times Best Selling Author, Eat To Beat Disease
135 Jessica Rice, Co-Founder, Mad Ritual™
136 Danny Mackey, Brooks Running + Brooks Beasts Track Club
137 Ashley Reaver, RS, CSSD, and Lead Nutrition Scientist at InsideTracker

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