113. Matt Fitzgerald On Running, Writing, & Mental Strength

Matt Fitzgerald is a world renowned endurance sports writer. He has authored some of the best books on running, triathlon, sports nutrition and mindset. Many of which are my favorites and go-to’s. His many books include the bestselling Racing Weight, Iron Wars, 80/20 Running, 80/20 Triathlon, How Bad Do You Want It and his newest…

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105. Richard M. Prinzi, Jr., On Navigating Small Business Loans, Grants, And Unemployment In COVID Times

Richard M. Prinzi, Jr. is a Certified Public Accountant, Financial Adviser and Founder of F-Sharp Tax Management, Actors Taxes, Professional Tax Alliance and Limelight Production Management Services.  He has offices in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In this conversation,  I sync up with Rich on how to navigate small business loans, grants and…

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