Matt Fitzgerald On Running, Writing, & Mental Strength

Matt Fitzgerald is a world renowned endurance sports writer. He has authored some of the best books on running, triathlon, sports nutrition and mindset. Many of which are my favorites and go-to’s. His many books include the bestselling Racing Weight, Iron Wars, 80/20 Running, 80/20 Triathlon, How Bad Do You Want It and his newest book, Running the Dream. Matt is also a renowned running and triathlon coach, is a sports nutritionist, and a lifelong athlete.

On today’s episode I sync up with Matt about his recent book, Running The Dream, which is about his experience living at altitude for 13 weeks and training with the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite Team  and Coach Ben Rosario. He completely immersed himself in the “pro-life,” from nutrition, and training to recovery and sleep. We talk about where his journey began with running, his passion for Marathoning, his career as a writer, and his foray into coaching.  We talk about the philosophy behind  80/20 running, the psycho-biological concept of mind over muscle which he writes about in how Bad Do You Want it, and his famous, very personal book, Life is a Marathon. Matt also shares insight on his next book, coming out in December, The Comeback Quotient, his experience with COVID-19 and how he is making his own comeback to running,  and what he has lined up on the horizon.

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