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Pamela Schein Murphy, Founder and Creative Director, The Select 7 On Following Your Passion, Doing What You Love, & Building A Digital Media Brand

Pamela Schein Murphy is the Founder and Creative Director of The Select 7, a beautifully photographed and curated exploration into the worlds of motivation, food, beauty + wellness, travel,...

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Mohammed Iqbal, CEO of SweatWorks, On The Digitization of Fitness At Home, Endurance Training, and Racing

On this episode of Marni on the Move, I sync up with Mohammed Iqbal, the CEO of SweatWorks to get the inside scoop on what’s happening on the digital...

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Joe Friel, Co-Founder TrainingPeaks and World Renowned Endurance Sports Author & Coach On The Keys To Successful Performance, Training Mindset in COVID Times, & Tips For Cycling Inside

Joe Friel is the Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks, world renowned author, and top endurance sports coach. He a life-long athlete with over four decades of coaching amateur and professional athletes...

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John Henwood, Olympian + Running Entrepreneur: From New Zealand to New York City, All Roads Lead To Running

John Henwood is a globally renowned Olympic Runner, fitness entrepreneur and top running coach and strength trainer in New York City. You may know him from his racing team,...

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Jonathan Levitt, Ultrarunner and Host For The Long Run Podcast On Running, Consistency and Motivation

Jonathan Levitt  is the host of the For The Long Run podcast, which is all about running. An ultramarathoner himself, Jonathan connects with runners of all levels and industry...

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Lara Eurdolian, Founder Pretty Connected, On Beauty, Instagram & 2020’s Hottest New Fashion Accessory

Meet the innovative and inspiring founder behind this summers hottest fashion accessory, Mask Chains. Lara Eurdolian, the Founder of Pretty Connected. Also the name of her globally renowned Instagram...

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Discover Game-Changing Healing Philosophies and Techniques for Lifelong Wellness with Dr. Linda Lancaster of Light Harmonics Institute

Dr. Linda Lancaster is a globally renowned, highly sought after healer and Energy Medicine Physician. Her life-changing health and cleansing programs have been offered to her patients and their...

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Experience The Power of Plant Healing, Mushrooms & Tonic Herbs with Sun Potion Founder, Scott Linde

Scott Linde is the Founder of Sun Potion Transformational Foods, a company dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs.  Sun...

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Colleen Quigley On Empowerment, Opportunity, & Community Through The Lens of Running

Colleen Quigley is a 2016 Olympian, an NCAA Champion, and world renowned runner. She is a member of the Bowerman Track Club and is a Nike -sponsored athlete. Born...

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Dirk Friel, U.S. Ski Mountaineering 2020 Masters Champ, Former Pro Cyclist + Coach, and Co-Founder TrainingPeaks On Shifting Gears & Goals and Thinking Like An Olympian

Dirk Friel is the U.S. Ski Mountaineering 2020 Masters Champ. He is a former pro cyclist and has raced the classics such as Het Volk and stage races such...

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Behind The Mic

Marni Salup

Show Host

Entrepreneur, Triathlete, Brand Builder, Marketing and PR Pro

Marni has been helping world renowned, high profile, and emerging brands, companies and personalities tell their stories for over twenty years.  Through her brand strategy, marketing and public relations company The Salup Group, Marni has built and launched thousands of brands and campaigns.

Marni Salup has been featured in Entrepreneur, Gotham, New York Magazine, BK LIVE, The Observer, Women’s Wear Daily, and has a business column in The Huffington Post

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