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Dr. Gil Blander On Discovering Your Inner Age, Longevity, and The Next Frontier of Health + Wellness

Dr. Gil Blander is the visionary founder behind the game-changing health and wellness company, InsideTracker. InsideTracker looks at blood biomarkers, DNA, and activity tracking data and then gives evidence-based...

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Laurel + Rebeccah Wassner, Professional Triathletes On Twinning and Winning| Long Slow Distance

Professional Triathletes, influencers, and entrepreneurs, Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner, also known as The Wassner Twins in the world of Professional Triathlon and AtheteStyle and AthleteFood on Instagram. On this...

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Jillian Wright On Empowering Beauty + Wellness Entrepreneurs With The Tools For Success

Jillian Wright is the Co-Founder of Indie Beauty Expo, an ecosystem she created to empower beauty and wellness entrepreneurs for success, which launched in 2015.  In just five years,...

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Tyler McCandless On Marathoning, Meteorology, and the TCS NYC Marathon|Long Slow Distance

Tyler McCandless is a top American distance runner, scientist with a Ph.D. in Meteorology, and is one of the founders of The Kauai Marathon Youth Program, a Marathon he...

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Susannah Scaroni, Two-Time U.S. Paralympian On Wheelchair Racing, the TCS NYC Marathon, + Training and Race Day Nutrition | Long Slow Distance

Susannah Scaroni is a Two-Time U.S. Paralympian, on her way to her third Paralympics with Team USA for Tokyo 2020.  She is the Marathon World Record Holder at 1:30:41...

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Andrew Kalley: Running and Triathlon Training + Race Day Advice | Long Slow Distance

Andrew Kalley is one of NYC’s top triathlon, running, strength and conditioning coaches and an award winning runner and triathlete. In 2019 he came in 4th in his age...

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Matthew Futterman On Marathoning, Writing, and Unlocking the Secrets Of Speed | Long Slow Distance

Matthew Futterman is the Deputy Sports Editor of The New York Times, a 24x Marathoner and author of the incredible, page turning book, Running to The Edge: A Band...

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Welcome to Season 1 of Long Slow Distance, A Marni on the Move Podcast Series

Long Slow Distance is a new seasonal Marni on the Move podcast series purely focused on endurance sports. On each episode, I will speak with athletes, coaches, and industry...

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Dr. David Sinclair On The Science of Aging, Turning Back Our Biological Clocks, & Living Long Healthy Lives

David Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O., is a globally renowned biologist and leading world authority on genetics and longevity. If you haven’t already read his incredible eye opening New York Times...

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Nutrafol Co-Founders Giorgos Tsetis C.E and Sophia Kogan M.D on Getting to the Root of Hair Health From The Inside Out

Giorgos Tsetis, C.E and Sophia Kogan, M.D.are two of the three Co-founders of the game changing hair health and wellness company, Nutrafol.Their revolutionary line of nutraceuticals, 100% drug-free, physician...

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Behind The Mic

Marni Salup

Show Host

Entrepreneur, Triathlete, Brand Builder, Marketing and PR Pro

Marni has been helping world renowned, high profile, and emerging brands, companies and personalities tell their stories for over twenty years.  Through her brand strategy, marketing and public relations company The Salup Group, Marni has built and launched thousands of brands and campaigns.

Marni Salup has been featured in Entrepreneur, Gotham, New York Magazine, BK LIVE, The Observer, Women’s Wear Daily, and has a business column in The Huffington Post

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