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325. U.S. Professional Tennis Player, Coach, Author & Avid Runner, Danielle Lao

Today on the podcast I sync up with U.S Professional Tennis Player and Coach, Danielle Lao aka Little Giant on Instagram, avid runner and Hoka Ambassador. Danielle and I...

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324: Gilad Jacobs, Founder of Normatec & Chief Innovation Officer Of Hyperice Talks Athletic Recovery, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Today on the podcast I am syncing up with thought leader and pioneer in the world of performance recovery, Gilad Jacobs, Founder of Normatec, the innovator of cutting-edge pneumatic...

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323: Plunge Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Duey, Talks Health Benefits Of Cold Water Immersion, Cold Plunge Tubs & Building A Business

Today on the podcast I sync up with Ryan Duey the Co-Founder and CEO of Plunge.  One of the COOLest new wellness companies to hit the scene over the...

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322: Bryan Reedy, Founder & CEO of Gamer Advantage, Talks Gaming, Wellness & Entrepreneurship

Bryan Reedy is the CEO & Founder of Gamer Advantage. He is a lifelong gamer and Michigan native. Bryan was part of one of the first ever video game...

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321: REI Co-op’s Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast Host & Author of Will To Wild, Shelby Stanger, Talks Adventure, Career & Life

Shelby Stanger is the Author of Will To Wild: Adventures Great and Small to Change Your Life, the host of one of my fave podcasts, REI Co-op’s, Wild Ideas...

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320: Angela Naeth, Pro Triathlete & Gravel Cyclist, Coach and Co-Host IRaceLikeAGirl Podcast

Today on the podcast I’m syncing up with Angela Naeth, Pro Triathlete, Gravel Cyclist  and Coach, IRaceLikeAGirl Tri Team and GirlsGetGritty Gravel Team Founder and Podcast Host .  We...

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319: Omer Shapira, Israeli 5x National Champion Cyclist & Tokyo 2020 Olympian & Husband, Guy Sagiv, Pro Cyclist on Israel Premier Tech Team

Today on the podcast, I sync up with Israeli 5x National Champion Cyclist and Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Omer Shapira & her husband Israeli Pro Cyclist on Israeli Premier Tech...

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318: Ezra Medical Director, Dr. Carol DerSarkissian On Early Detection Of Cancer & Full Body MRI Leveraging The Power Of AI

Dr. Carol DerSarkissian is the Medical Director of Ezra, a full body MRI Scan leveraging the power of AI and MRI technology to detect potential cancer early, making it...

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317: Timothy O’Donnell, World Champion Triathlete, Talks NYC Triathlon, Surviving A Heart Attack and Returning To Racing, & Salty Bears Coaching

World Champion Triathlete, Timothy O’Donnell is one of the world’s most successful and experienced American long-course triathletes. As a professional, he has earned 50+ podium finishes including over 22...

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316: Pro Triathlete & NYC Triathlon 3x Consecutive Winner, Rebeccah Wassner Offers An Inside Look at The Life Time NYC Triathlon

Today on the podcast I’m syncing up with Rebeccah Wassner Pro Triathlete and Team Wilpers Triathlon Coach to get the inside scoop on the NYC Triathlon, taking place this...

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Behind The Mic

Marni Salup

Show Host

Entrepreneur, Triathlete, Brand Builder, Marketing and PR Pro

Marni has been helping world renowned, high profile, and emerging brands, companies and personalities tell their stories for over twenty years.  Through her brand strategy, marketing and public relations company The Salup Group, Marni has built and launched thousands of brands and campaigns.

Marni Salup has been featured in Entrepreneur, Gotham, New York Magazine, BK LIVE, The Observer, Women’s Wear Daily, and has a business column in The Huffington Post

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