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346: Lyons Den Power Yoga & Lyons Den Digital, Owner & CEO, Bethany Lyons

Today on the podcast I’m syncing up with Bethany Lyons, Owner and CEO of globally renowned Lyons Den Power Yoga and Lyons Den Digital. Founded in 2013, Lyons Den...

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345: Betsy Hughes, Co-Founder, Track Shack, Talks Running, Retail, The U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Planning and Walt Disney World Marathon

Today on the podcast I sync up with Betsy Hughes, Co-Owner of Track Shack, the Orlando based running retailer and running event company responsible for spearheading the bid and...

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344: Devin Gilmartin, Co-Founder The Canvas & The Canvas 3.0 On Uniting Ethical Creators & The Canvas 3.0’s Global Impact

Today I am syncing up with visionary pioneer, Devin Gilmartin, Co-Founder of The Canvas & The Canvas 3.0, a digital and brick and mortar marketplace and platform for independent...

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343: Lori Mazor, CEO & Founder of Synthetivity and Author Temperature: Creativity in the Age Of AI, Talks Creativity and How You Can Discover Your Creative Climate

Lori Mazor, CEO & Founder of Synthetivity and author of top selling new book, Temperature: Creativity in the Age of AI Lori is my partner in life and all...

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342: TYR’s Director of Functional Fitness, Corey Berger, Dials Us Into The Heritage Brands Evolution From Swim to CrossFit & Running

Today on The Podcast I am syncing up with Corey Berger, Director of Functional Fitness at TYR , the family owned heritage brand that got its roots in swim...

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MondayMoves: United Airlines NYC Half Marathon Race Recap & Debrief

This week on MondayMoves, Host Marni Salup shares her quick race debrief and recap of the New York Road Runners: United Airlines New York City Half Marathon powered by...

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341: Peloton Coach & Training Specialist, Matt Wilpers Talks Boston Marathon, 2024 IRONMAN 70.3 & Cycling Plans, And Gear

Matt Wilpers, Peloton Coach and Training Specialist, Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete and Skiier, Founder of Team Wilpers  This is Matts 4th time on the pod. Today we are talking about...

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340: H.V.M.N. CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Brandt, Talks Exogenous Ketones, Ketone-IQ, Entrepreneurship, and Marathoning

Michael Brandt is the CEO and Co-Founder of H.V.M.N.-Health Via Modern Nutrition-the creators of the popular exogenous ketones shot, Ketone IQ.   If you’re curious about exogenous ketones, how it...

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339. Liz Tremain, Founder, Rebel With A Kickstand: New Fashion Designer & Collection Heats Up The Women’s Triathlon Scene

There’s an all new collection and founder heatting up the women’s triathlon scene, Liz Tremain,Founder of Rebel With A Kickstand. Liz is also a triathlon coach, a mother, wife,...

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338. David Hysong, Founder & CEO Of SHEPHERD Health, Is Offering New Solutions & Treatments For Rare Cancers, Leveraging The Power Of RNA & AI

David Hysong is the CEO and Founder of SHEPHERD Health. When David was diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma at 27,...

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Marni Salup

Show Host

Entrepreneur, Triathlete, Brand Builder, Marketing and PR Pro

Marni has been helping world renowned, high profile, and emerging brands, companies and personalities tell their stories for over twenty years.  Through her brand strategy, marketing and public relations company The Salup Group, Marni has built and launched thousands of brands and campaigns.

Marni Salup has been featured in Entrepreneur, Gotham, New York Magazine, BK LIVE, The Observer, Women’s Wear Daily, and has a business column in The Huffington Post

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