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188. Peloton Instructor Becs Gentry Talks Running, Training, Getting Faster & Her New Docuseries: The Rodmap

Becs Gentry is a globally renowned, super popular, Peloton Tread Specialist, Tread & Strength Instructor and Elite Distance Runner, inspiring and coaching runners of all levels from beginners to...

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187. Amy Maddocks, Co-Founder Mad Ritual CBD, on Entrepreneurship, Brand Growth, & Staying Mentally and Spiritually Fit

Amy Maddocks is the Co-founder of Mad Ritual CBD recovery balms and bath bombs, my go-to recovery aid. Mad Ritual is a women owned, all natural CBD company that...

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186. Stevie Lyn Smith, Registered Dietician & Sports Nutrition Specialist On Endurance Sports Fueling & Hydration

Stevie Lyn Smith, MS, RDN, CSSD, CDN, is a registered dietician, sports nutrition specialist, marathon runner, 10X Ironman triathlete, and adventurer.  She is the Founder of Stevie Lyn Smith...

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185. Alison Kreideweis, Co-Founder Empire Tri Club On Community & Sport

Alison Kreideweis is a 2X  Team USA triathlete and the Co-founder and head coach of Empire Tri Club, New York City’s go-to triathlon training club. She was also my...

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184. Dr. Cory Nyamora, Psychologist & Endurance Sports Coach On Mental Health + Athleticism

Dr. Cory Nyamora is a Clinical Sports Psychologist, Endurance Sports Athlete and Running Coach, Founder of Endurance – A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc. , with offices in Berkeley,...

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ICYMI: Andia Winslow: Emmy Award Winning Voiceover Star, On-Air Personailty, & Retired Professional Golfer

If you’ve been watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, you have definitly heard todays guest, Emmy Award winning Voiceover star, Andia Winslow. She’s the voice of Visa, Dairy Queen,...

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ICYMI: Kristin Mayer, Founder, Betty Designs: From The Runway to The Race Course, Where Design & Endurance Sports Intersect

Kristin Mayer is the Founder and CEO of Betty Designs, THE coolest fashion inspired bad ass endurance sports apparel brand, disrupting race courses around the globe. The brands signature...

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FLASHBACK: Cynthia Rowley On Fashion Through The Lens of Adventure

When someone told todays Marni on the Move podcast guest, globally renowned fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, that she couldn’t print on a wetsuit, she went on to design countless...

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FLASHBACK Series: Castelli’s Steve Smith Offers an Inside Look at The World Famous Heritage Cycling Brand and Its Revolutionary Cycling Apparel Design, Aerodynamics and Comfort

While we are OOO, enjoy some convos from our archives! Steve Smith is the Global Brand Manager at Castelli, one of the world’s leading cycling apparel brands and yes,...

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183. Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein Talks Cycling, Safe Driving, & His Life Changing Accident

On July 20, 2019 Elite Cyclist and Velo Racer Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein was riding home from his local velodrome, when he was assaulted by a driver and left for...

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Marni has been helping world renowned, high profile, and emerging brands, companies and personalities tell their stories for over twenty years.  Through her brand strategy, marketing and public relations company The Salup Group, Marni has built and launched thousands of brands and campaigns.

Marni Salup has been featured in Entrepreneur, Gotham, New York Magazine, BK LIVE, The Observer, Women’s Wear Daily, and has a business column in The Huffington Post

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