248: Scott Tindal-Co-Founder, Fuelin, Shares The Secret To Success When It Comes To Nailing Your Fueling, Nutrition & Hydration For Athletic Performance

Scott Tindal is the Co-Founder of Fuelin, the game-changing ultra-personalized performance nutrition coaching platform and App that helps you nail your nutrition and hydration during training, racing, and life.  With 20+ years of experience in professional sports, Scott is a performance nutrition advisory board member at IRONMAN. He is the nutrition coach to professional triathletes…

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115. Lenny Silberman On ESports, The Power of Sportsmanship, & Roberto Clemente

Lenny Silberman is the CEO and Founder of Lost Tribe ESports. He is the former Vice President of Program Services-Continental Director of the JCC Maccabi Games, CEO of Henry Kaufman Camps and Director Emma Kaufman Camp. Lenny’s work and accomplishments have been game changing in the Jewish Community worldwide, for kids, teens, and families.  Lenny…

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112. Kevin Rutherford, CEO of Nuun, On Movement, Community & Hydration You Can Feel

Last week was an action packed, politically charged week around the globe, with good reason, Black Lives Matter. We all need to stand up, take action, and put an end to racism, inequality and injustice in the world.  I did not post my weekly episodes out of respect, to make space for the important conversations…

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