Month: July 2024

363. SiPhox Health Co-Founder & CPO, Michael Dubrovsky: Next Gen, Affordable, Blood Biomarker At-Home Testing & Health Optimization

Today, I am syncing up with Michael Dubrovsky, C0-Founder and Chief Product Officer of SiPhox Health, a cutting-edge startup revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare and longevity through affordable next-gen, at-home blood testing technologies. Backed by prestigious names like Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, and Intel Capital, SiPhox Health, Michael and his team are focused on…

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362: Mother-Daughter Duo, Kroma CEO & Founder Lisa Odenweller & Senior Marketing Manager, Lexi Odenweller On Empowering Health Through Food

Today on the Marni On The Move podcast, I’m syncing up with Lisa and Lexi Odenweller, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind pioneering wellness company, Kroma. Kroma uses the highest quality, purest, most nutrient-dense and ethically sourced superfoods from around the world to create functional foods and beverages that nourish, heal and transform the entire body….

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361: InsideTracker SVP of Science and AI, Renée Deehan, Ph.D Talks Fitness Tracker, Blood & DNA Data & Analysis, Generative AI, and The Workouts Fueling Her For Sucess

Today on the podcast I’m syncing up with InsideTracker’s SVP of Science & AI, Renée Deehan, Ph.D. We are talking about her role at InsideTracker, how and when she started working there, how InsideTracker leverages the power of Generative AI,  what’s new and exciting at the company. We do a deep dive into talking about…

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