362: Mother-Daughter Duo, Kroma CEO & Founder Lisa Odenweller & Senior Marketing Manager, Lexi Odenweller On Empowering Health Through Food

Today on the Marni On The Move podcast, I’m syncing up with Lisa and Lexi Odenweller, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind pioneering wellness company, Kroma. Kroma uses the highest quality, purest, most nutrient-dense and ethically sourced superfoods from around the world to create functional foods and beverages that nourish, heal and transform the entire body.

Founder & CEO Lisa Odenweller was on the Marni On The Move podcast back in 2022 on  Ep 221 and today we are joined by Lexi Odenweller, Senior Marketing Manager.

On todays episode Lisa & Lexi share:

  • Their journey as wellness industry pioneers
  • Personal experiences using food as medicine to overcome health challenges
  • The development of Kroma’s innovative products, including their initial signature 5-day reset program and the new Ramen, the best FCKNG Super Granola and new protein powders…
  • Insights on creating nutritious, functional foods that taste great
  • How they’re empowering people to take control of their health through education and accessible products
  • Their approach to influencer marketing and targeting different age demographics
  • The importance of mindset, gratitude, and self-care in overall wellness

Lisa and Lexi offer a unique perspective on the evolving health and wellness landscape, blending their entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for helping others achieve optimal health through nutrition.

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