217: Katherine Flemming, Founder & Director of The Bridge Initiative, On Environmental Advocacy Through Compelling Public Artwork

Katherine Flemming, Founder and Director of Bridge Initiative, a nonprofit that bridges art and science to create public art for environmental advocacy. The mission of Bridge is to be a conduit to shift the collective consciousness- making planet earth the priority through the lens of compelling and impactful artworks. She is also serves as the Vice Chair of BlueLab Preservation Society, whose purpose is to help address water pollution, climate change, and environmental issues by utilizing art, science, culture, and design as a galvanizing channel for sustainable change.

We do a deep dive into one of the projects she is working on with BlueLab’s Chair Ximena Caminos, called the The Reefline, which  is an environmentally-functioning artwork, artificial reef  and public park to run  7 miles along the coast of Miami Beach’s shoreline, providing a critical habitat for endangered reef organisms and enhancing coastal resilience.

Katherine shares the inspiration where her passion for environmental advocacy began, when and how she started the Bridge Initiative, how one eye opening vacation had her shifting gears in her longstanding design career in the world of fashion with brands like Thiery Mugler, Tory Burch, and her namesake handbag  line.   She talks about her recent event, which took place last night at the Faena Hotel in Miami, and she shares the exercise and wellness routines that fuel her for success.

Fleming’s work with Bridge Initiative, Waterproof, and BlueLab continues to draw attention from the contemporary art community and environmental sector alike. Her advocacy work has led her to ongoing partnerships and relationships with artists, designers, and contemporary leaders such as David Benjamin Sherry, Alaska Whale Foundation, Coral Morphologic, NOAA, Michele Oka Doner, Orlando Estrada, The Everglades Foundation and Carlos Betancourt among others.


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