283: Katrina Moldova, Artist & Gallery Owner, Katrina Moldova Boutique Gallery On Art & Entreprenurship

Today on the podcast I sync up with Katrina Moldova, Gallerist, Entrepreneur and Owner of Katrina Moldova Boutique Gallery in Boca Raton, where she showcases many talented artists across fine art and painting, photography, mixed media and more.   Thanks to one of her abstract expressionist fine artists, my mother, Karen Salup, whose work is in her gallery (Karen Salup on  Episode #60) I had the opportunity to meet her and get the inside scoop on where the inspiration for starting a gallery began,  the types of artists she looks to showcase,  how she markets the artists, and of course the exercise that fuels her for success.  PS- if you are looking for amazing art, head over to her website or visit her in Boca at 1717 Avenida Del Sol.   Shout out to Tom Grill, videographer for this podcast convo and also an incredibly talented photographer who’s art is also featured in the Katrina Moldova Boutique Gallery.

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