360. BEDGEAR Founder & CEO, Eugene Alletto, Talks Sleep Optimization & Performance And The Tools You Need For Success!

Eugene Alletto is Founder and CEO of BEDGEAR, a renowned company at the forefront of innovation in the bedding industry and pioneer of performance sleep gear catering to athletes and individuals living an athletic lifestyle. BEDGEAR creates cutting-edge products designed to enhance sleep quality by offering personalized, instant-cooling, and moisture-wicking solutions. By maximizing airflow and allowing the body to naturally regulate its temperature, BEDGEAR’s bedding products play a crucial role in optimizing sleep, a fundamental pillar of overall health and performance.

I discovered the Performance Level 1.0 Pillow back in 2019 thanks to the brands involvement with the NYC Marathon and I’ve been a fan ever since.

During todays conversation, Eugene and I sync up to chat about how BEDGEAR was born, the inspiration behind the brands versatile bedding and mattress range,  what it was like pioneering a new category in the bedding industry and being first to market-leading innovation, and why the brand focused on the athlete and sports performance market and has since expanded and grown well beyond to mainstream consumrs looking tp sleep well. BEDGEAR is the official sleep partner of the Dallas Mavericks. Eugene sheds light on the unique patented fabric technologies: Air-X (maximum airflow), Dri-Tec (moisture-wicking), and Ver-Tex (instant-cooling), the four different size pillows to tailor to sleeper’s body size, shape, sleeping position, and temperature preference as well as the types of  BEDGEAR Performance Matresses. He also shares some great entrepreneurial tips and advice, a book that is his “go-to,” the exercise and training fueling him for the success and some key lessons he takes from training into his business.

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