127. Maryl Hosking, Founder, Joy Blended Healing, On The Healing Powers of Crystals, Crystal Grids, & Sacred Geometry

Connecting with her healing powers all began in high school for Maryl Hosking, Founder of Joy Blended Healing and Grid Vibrations.  A few decades later, she is a Reike Master, Cerified Crystal Healer, Spiritual Coach, and Creatrix of Crystal Grids.  During our conversation, Maryl shares the story of her journey into healing, how to add high vibe crystals into your life and where you can discover and buy them. We also cover:

  • The 5 Master Healer Crystals that help with depression, fear, love, relaxation, and protective energy
  • Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry
  • Remote Healing
  • The Tao Geomancy
  • Manifesting and Intention

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