96. Chavie Rosen On The Healing Power of Yoga , Finding Purpose, and Inspiring Others

Chavie Rosen is on a mission to inspire and heal people through Yoga.  In 2010 Chavie suffered a debilitating back injury and her life came to a crashing halt! She went through two surgeries and was in need of a third that could have left her paralyzed but then she discovered Yoga! Yoga saved her life and is what helped her find her true purpose and passion, to help others see that through time, patience, hard work and dedication, that “Yes, you can do it too!” On this episode of Marni on the Move, Chavie and I talk about how yoga transformed her life, healed her back pain, and set her on a path to inspire others.  She shares how her yoga practice led to her teaching career, her entrepreneurial roots in graphic design, and her passion for Krav Maga (pre-injury). Chavie also shares the heartwarming story of how she reconnected with her now husband, her super cool teenage children and her foray onto Tik Tok.

Chavie’s dedicated yoga practice led her to get certified as a 200 hour trained Hatha Yoga Instructor under the extremely talented Mandy Grant from Juluka in Hillsdale, New Jersey and she has been guiding yoga students of all ages ever since. Chavie teaches at Fireshaper and The JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ, Impact Zone in Norwood, NJ, Real Hot Yoga and The Gym in Englewood, NJ.  She also teaches Tween and teen yoga in after school programs as well as in a brand new studio called Root to Rise.


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