132. Spencer Brown, Professional Runner, YouTube Star, and Instagram Influencer

Spencer Brown is a Professional Runner with Brooks Running, a YouTube sensation, social media influencer, and one of the newest members of the Brooks Beasts Track Club. He is a 2020 Georgetown University Graduate, where he was a Division One Athlete and very popular social media star, thanks to his YouTube channel and show The Athlete Special, which has captured the attention of countless young and ambitious runners by documenting the “realness” of what it’s like being a collegiate runner and highlighting the highs/lows of training and competing.  Now he is turning his running and video talents to Brooks!

On today’s episode, Spencer and I sync up about his very cool new professional running gig with Brooks Beasts Track Club and his new show “Becoming a Beast.” He talks about the transition from D1 College Running and Racing to Professional Running and Training, where his running journey began, the inspiration and idea behind The Athlete Special, why he chose YouTube as his platform, and how he stays motivated and inspired during COVID-Times

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