Zwift Cycling

249: Kate Veronneau, Director of Women’s Strategy at Zwift, Talks All Things Tour De France Femmes Avec Zwift

Kate Veronneau is the Director of Women’s Strategy at Zwift, the global online fitness platform for cyclists and runners. Born from gaming, Zwift makes indoor training fun, social, and sweat drenching! Thousands of cyclists and runners train in imaginary cool worlds like Watopia and the Makuri Islands or real world destinations including NYC, London, Paris,…

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160. Phil Southerland, Founder of Supersapiens & Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk On The Future Of Fueling For Endurance Sports & Fitness

Phil Southerland is the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk, the first all-diabetic cycling team, and the CEO and Founder of Supersapiens, the groundbreaking continuous glucose monitoring system allowing non-diabetic athletes to purchase continuous glucose monitoring technology and gain insights into how glucose and fuel impact their bodies in real time. Athletes discover which…

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