160. Phil Southerland, Founder of Supersapiens & Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk On The Future Of Fueling For Endurance Sports & Fitness

Phil Southerland is the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk, the first all-diabetic cycling team, and the CEO and Founder of Supersapiens, the groundbreaking continuous glucose monitoring system allowing non-diabetic athletes to purchase continuous glucose monitoring technology and gain insights into how glucose and fuel impact their bodies in real time. Athletes discover which glucose sources provide stable and sustainable energy, understand key glucose performance zones, maintain peak performance, and fine tune their fueling strategies, all through the company’s very cool app and analytics.

Inspired by his own personal experience, Phil was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just seven months old, but his family was determined for him to live a normal life. After growing up playing sports and falling in love with cycling, Phil realized glucose monitoring wasn’t only necessary for people diagnosed with diabetes—it could be game changing for everyone, especially athletes.

On this episode of Marni on the Move, Phil and I sync up about his passion for cycling, and how he turned his love into a platform for diabetes awareness. He shares his inspiration for Team Novo Nordisk, and the motivation behind starting Supersapiens—the ultimate tool for helping athletes fuel optimally.  Phil and I chat about the science behind glucose monitoring, and the breakthrough potential Supersapiens has for powering athletes, and everyday people, to success. He dials me into how it all works from application of the Abbot Libre Sense  Biosensor to the key data we should be looking for as athletes. Phil also lets me in on the exercise and wellness routines that fuel him for success.


  • Supersapiens is the Title Sponsor for IRONMAN Kona 2021 and 2022, and sponsors of IRONMAN Europe.
  • The product is used by leading pro cyclists including members of the INEOS Grenadiers, Jumbo-Visima, and Canyon//SRAM pro tour teams, several IRONMAN, Olympic and Professional Triathletes and Runners.
  • Supersapiens recently closed $13. 5 Million in Early Stage Funding

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