246. Fourlaps Founder & CEO, Daniel Shapiro Talks Athletics, Fashion & Entrepreneurship

Daniel Shapiro is the Founder & CEO of Fourlaps, the super stylish and functional athletic apparel and leisure wear brand catering to the needs of fashion-minded, runners, tennis players, and fitness goers, men and women, looking to sweat in style.  It all began when Daniel recognized a major gap in the mens athletic apparel market….

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54. Denise Lee, CEO + Founder, Alala, On Fashion, Fitness and Female Empowerment

Denise Lee always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Growing up in Hong Kong, she moved to NYC to go to NYU Stern and pursue her dreams. But it wasn’t until she started training for her first triathlon in 2012 that she had her “aha” moment. As an avid athlete, she couldn’t find any…

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43. Fifi Simon, Simon Showroom CEO + Founder: On Entrepreneurship, Fashion, and Fitness

By the time she was a teenager, Fifi Simon was already working in fashion, dabbling as a model here and there. As the daughter of a tailor, she grew up surrounded by it.  Ever since she can remember, Fifi Simon has loved fashion.  Anyone that knows her would agree! So when she arrived in NYC after…

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