Andia Winslow

148. Andia Winslow, World Renowned Voiceover Artist + Retired Professional Athlete On The Power Of Using Your Voice

Andia Winslow is a world-renowned voiceover artist, retired professional golfer and elite runner, and fitness and health advocate. You may have heard her voice on commercials for brands like Dairy Queen, Disney, Hulu NASA, Nike, the NFL, Volkswagen, Walmart, or perhaps you’ve listened to one of her many article narrations in The Atlantic, The New…

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40. LIVE from NYC: How To Adopt An Athletic Mindset For Life, Career, + Training with Andia Winslow, Andrew Kalley, Louis Sagar, and Murray Hidary

Today’s episode is all about mindset and intentions across athleticism, career, fitness, and wellness.  You will hear from former podcast guests (on new topics) including top professional and elite athletes, Andia Winslow and Andrew Kalley, and entreprenurs and founders Murray Hidary and Louis Sagar and learn how they  leveraged thier athletic mindset to empower them…

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2. Andia Winslow: On Golf, Running, and Voice Over

You may have recently seen Andia Winslow gracing billboards for Nike, in campaigns for REI, in the windows of Hearst Media HQ in NYC or perhaps you have heard her voice on an Alvin Ailey, McDonald’s, PBS or eBay commercials. Andia Winslow is a Professional Athlete-Golfer and Runner, Voice Over Artist, On-Air Host, Fitness Entrepreneur, and…

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