Road racing.

180. Cycling Week: Wheels Up with Top Cycling Coach, Bike Fit Specialist, 5X UCI World & 15X US National Masters Road Champ, Ann Marie Miller, MA

Founder of Epic Training and Fitness, Ann Marie Miller, MA, is a 5 x UCI World Masters Road Cycling Champ, 15 X United States National Masters’ Road Cycling Champion. She is also a USA Cycling Level 2 licensed coach, a Bike Fit specialist, and Specialized BG Fit Technician and Exercise Physiologist from Columbia University. On…

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178: Cycling Week: Wheels Up with Canyon//SRAM Pro Cyclist Ella Harris

Ella Harris is a  professional cyclist on the Canyon//SRAM Team.  A seriously awesome and inspiring team of 14 women cyclists from around the globe with the mission to take the lead by challenging the status quo and making cycling diverse and inclusive. Ella earned her spot on the pro scene and the Canyon//SRAM Team by…

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