220: InsideTracker’s Lead Nutrition Scientist, Ashley Reaver, MS, RD, CSSD, Offers Expert Nutrition Advice & Does A Deep Dive Into Host Marni Salup’s Recent Blood Biomarker Test Results, and Shares The Key Biomarkers You Need To Know

Today on the podcast Host Marni Salup syncs up with InsideTracker Lead Nutrition Scientist, Ashley Reaver, MS. RD. CSSD  to go over Podcast Host Marni Salup’s recent test results and her nutritional recommendations, based upon the 43 blood biomarkers she tested using their Ultimate Plan and Inner Age in January 2022. The test results are eye opening but not surprising. Marni has been using InsideTracker for over two years now and the data and insight she discovers and learns have truly been game changing for her health. Their ultra-personalized nutritional recommendations are awesome and she loves getting reminders on their app to to eat certain foods throughout the day, try to get more sleep, or practice yoga, so that MarniI can optimize her blood biomarkers and attain her goals for longevity and healthspan as well as being a stronger, faster athlete!

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