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250. Peloton Bike, Tread and Strength Instructor, Olivia Amato Waldron Talks Fitness, Fashion, And Music

Peloton Instructor, Oliva Amato Waldron joins us on the Marni On The Move Podcast to talk fitness, fashion, and music. Olivia shares how and when she began her fitness career, her excitement around being back and teaching in person, her All For One Class themes, the workouts keeping her fit, and of course we talk…

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188. Peloton Instructor Becs Gentry Talks Running, Training, Getting Faster & Her New Docuseries: The Rodmap

Becs Gentry is a globally renowned, super popular, Peloton Tread Specialist, Tread & Strength Instructor and Elite Distance Runner, inspiring and coaching runners of all levels from beginners to elites. Her tread and strength classes have been game changing for my running and triathlon training. And her playlists are off the hook!  During our conversation,…

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71. Matt Wilpers, Senior Instructor, Peloton On Shifting Career Gears and His Global Mission To Empower People Through Fitness

Matt Wilpers is a globally renowned group fitness instructor and running coach thanks to his wildly popular fitness programs and classes on Peloton and his HBO’ run coaching gig with Lena Dunham for her popular TV show Girls, while coaching at Mile High Run Club. For Matt, Peloton and his private coaching are not just…

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