191. Maria Karr, Co-Founder Rumore Beauty, Talks Beauty, Entreprenurship and Running

Maria Karr is the founder of the groundbreaking beauty company Rumore Beauty,  Rumore is the first Russian-focused online beauty shop to launch in the US, with a curated selection of emerging and popular Russion skncare brands and products, that highlight the simple, nature-forward, and elegant foundations of the Russian approach to skincare.

Maria and I sync up about her background in PR and communications within the beauty world, and how that inspired her to innovate and launch Rumore. We talk about what it was like starting a company in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this new venture amplifies her passion for her home country of Russia. Maria details the core values of Russian beauty and discusses some of her favorite products.

Maria is also a runner and 4x Marathoner.  She chats with me about the intersection of fitness and skincare, like the importance of proper hydration and wearing a lot of sunscreen. We also sync up about her journey to running a marathon, and what the training process was like for her, and the parallels she draws from sport to entrepreneurship.

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Flashback Friday: Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist and Marathoner, Amy Freeze, of WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News

Flashback Friday: Bringing Back MOTM Episode 17 with Amy Freeze, Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist at WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News.

You may have seen today’s guest reporting the weather on WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News Saturday and Sunday Morning, possibly while running the TCS New York City Marathon, her name, Amy Freeze.  Amy is an Emmy-Award Winning Meteorologist, Endurance Athlete, Runner, and also the Mother of four athletic and talented children. She does it all!  Marni and Amy sync up about what fuels her and how she gets it done!

Topics we cover:

  • Living a prioritized life and demystifying balance!
  • Amy’s “It Must Be Done” training philosophy
  • Setting new fitness goals
  • Taking the off season to an all new level
  • Marathon Training
  • Strength Training
  • Body Building Competition
  • Overcoming A Fear of Dark Water Through Surfing
  • Chasing Amy

Links to organizations and races we discuss:

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  • @marnisalup on Twitter
  • #whatfuelsyou #MarnionTheMove #fueledby

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72. Colin McCabe, Co-Founder, Chopt: From Building a Business To Running, Triathlon and Kiteboarding-There Is More In You Than You Know

When two college friends realized they could not survive on burgers and french fries alone! They set out on a quest for the perfect healthy meal. Thus Chopt was born. In 2001 Colin McCabe and Tony Shure changed the salad restaurant landscape forever.  Thanks to their unique spin with flavor forward ingredients and globally inspired recipes, Chopt Creative Salad Co. has grown to over 58 locations in 9 states. On todays episode, Host Marni Salup syncs up with Colin McCabe about where the idea and inspiration for Chopt began, the sports (TCS NYC Marathon, Ironman Triathlete, Kiteboarder) and training that fuel him for success,  how his race strategies and business philosophies align, and Chopts longtime mission and partnership with Non-Profit, Wellness in the Schools.


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