MondayMoves: Spring Gear Round Up 2023

This week on MondayMoves, the 2023 Spring Gear Round up with some of Host Marni Salup’s fave tech, hydration & nutrition, and running shoes! CONNECT Marni On The Move Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube Marni Salup on Instagram and Spotify SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Sign up for our weekly newsletter, The Download, for Marni on…

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287: Glenn Guadi, Founder of Salis, Talks Electrolytes, Entrepreneurship & Running

Glenn Guadi is the Founder and CEO of Salis, a game changing new electrolyte tab with a proprietary release formula that works for up to eight hours of training.  As athletes, there is no doubt that we lose electrolytes in training and racing. In the past I was taking a salt tablet every hour or…

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240. Andy Blow, Co-Founder Precision Fuel & Hydration On Sweat Tests, Electrolytes, and Hot Temps| LIVE From The OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah

When Triathlete, Andy Blow, collapsed in the heat at KONA IRONMAN World Championships and was wheeled off the course by medics nearly a decade ago, it inspired his mission and quest for understanding exactly what went down, why, and how to find a solution for himself and the thousands of endurance athletes that have experienced…

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