242: Beth Duryea, Marketing & Communications Manager, Canyon/SRAM Womens Cycling Team Talks All Things Le Tour De France Femmes, Canyon//SRAMTeam & Womens Cycling

Beth Duryea is the Marketing & Communications Manager of the Canyon/SRAM  Women’s Cycling Team and has been immersed in the world of womens cycling for over a decade. We are talking all things Le Tour De France Femmes avec Zwift  what it means to the Canyon//SRAM team to be part of this epic event and…

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181: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cyclist & 5X Israeli National Champion, Omer Shapira, Team Canyon//SRAM

Today on the podcast, I sync up with Tokyo 2021 Oympic Cyclist and Israeli 5x National Champion, and Canyon//SRAM Team Athlete, Omer Shapira, We caught up the day before she raced La Course, and as she was prepping for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Omer and I talk about where and how her journey into cycling…

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