261. Monisha Raja, Founder of Monisha Raja Yoga, Yoga for Covid™ and Love is Mighty Talks Yoga & Healing, Meditation & Vipassana, and Fashion & Duran Duran

Monisha Raja is the Founder of Monisha Raja Yoga where she offers online and real time hatha yoga classes, and workshops and Ayurvedic Coaching . She is also the Founder of Yoga for Covid™  a program she developed based on her personal covid experience and healing and Founder of Love is Mighty, her cruelty-free fashion footwear and accessories brand, rooted in the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-violence). Born and raised in India, Monisha Raja began her practice at the age of four and has been teaching for over 20 years in New York City.  We caught up just after she returned from a twenty-day Vipassana Mediation. Monisha shares her experience, key learnings and why mediation is important, wherever you are in your practice.

We chat about her Yoga Studio and classes, and how she pioneered an evidence-based Yoga treatment of Covid through Asana and Pranayama practice, based on her own experience with COVID.  At the suggestion of her medical doctor at Mt. Sinai, he encouraged her to help others through these ancient healing techniques, and YOga for Covid was born.  She has been conducting her Yoga-For-Covid classes since May 2020. One of the movements she emphasizes  during our convo is the importance on of neck movement ( Brahma Mudra) for combating brain fog, cleansing the lymphatic system and cervical lymph nodes and why the neck is such an important bridge between the brain and the body and the rest of the organs.

She sheds light on her collaboration with scientists and researchers such as Dr. William Bushell and Eddie Stern, on the therapeutic potential and impact of Yoga and talks about YOGA AID, a non-profit organization she founded in 2021, committed to honoring Yoga’s roots and source culture – India, and amplifying Indian South Asian voices in the field of Yoga and health. We also talk about the Ayurvedic Coaching studies she did with Dr. Deepak Chopra and how she has integrated this science into her existing yoga offerings. And, yes, we talk about Duran Duran, because without them, Monisha might not be in NYC!

If you live in NYC, Monisha is hosting a Headstand Workshop at the Broome Street Temple on Wednesday the 26th of October, head over to her website manisharajayoga.com for details. DM Marni On The Move if you want to come.

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Dr. Deepak Chopra 
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