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188. Peloton Instructor Becs Gentry Talks Running, Training, Getting Faster & Her New Docuseries: The Rodmap

Becs Gentry is a globally renowned, super popular, Peloton Tread Specialist, Tread & Strength Instructor and Elite Distance Runner, inspiring and coaching runners of all levels from beginners to elites. Her tread and strength classes have been game changing for my running and triathlon training. And her playlists are off the hook!  During our conversation,…

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136. Danny Mackey, Head Coach, Brooks Beasts Track Club, On Mindset & Training From Jiu Jitsu to Running

Danny Mackey has been the Head Coach of Brooks Running track team, the Brooks Beasts Track Club in Seattle since 2013. During his tenure as the Brooks Beasts Head Coach, Mackey has led multiple athletes to U.S. top-5 and world top-25 rankings. During today’s conversation, Danny and I sync up about where his career in…

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