Endurance Sports Nutrition

248: Scott Tindal-Co-Founder, Fuelin, Shares The Secret To Success When It Comes To Nailing Your Fueling, Nutrition & Hydration For Athletic Performance

Scott Tindal is the Co-Founder of Fuelin, the game-changing ultra-personalized performance nutrition coaching platform and App that helps you nail your nutrition and hydration during training, racing, and life.  With 20+ years of experience in professional sports, Scott is a performance nutrition advisory board member at IRONMAN. He is the nutrition coach to professional triathletes…

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240. Andy Blow, Co-Founder Precision Fuel & Hydration On Sweat Tests, Electrolytes, and Hot Temps| LIVE From The OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah

When Triathlete, Andy Blow, collapsed in the heat at KONA IRONMAN World Championships and was wheeled off the course by medics nearly a decade ago, it inspired his mission and quest for understanding exactly what went down, why, and how to find a solution for himself and the thousands of endurance athletes that have experienced…

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186. Stevie Lyn Smith, Registered Dietician & Sports Nutrition Specialist On Endurance Sports Fueling & Hydration

Stevie Lyn Smith, MS, RDN, CSSD, CDN, is a registered dietician, sports nutrition specialist, marathon runner, 10X Ironman triathlete, and adventurer.  She is the Founder of Stevie Lyn Smith Nutrition Wellness Consulting, PC and writes for my fave wellness company and podcast partner, InsideTracker. Today Stevie and I sync up about all things endurance sports…

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