FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Ashley Reaver, MS, RD, CSSD, On Endurance Sports Fueling and Immune Boosting, Stress Reducing Nutrients

Ashley Reaver is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Dietitian, and the Lead Nutrition Scientist at InsideTracker.   She is also a Nutrition Lecturer at University of California, Berkeley, has her own private practice, My Weekly Eats, and is a triathlete! Ashley is a regular on the Marni on the Move podcast. Most recently on MOTM TuesdayMoves  we do a deep dive into supplements, which ones you should be taking and the nutrients you can get from food; on MOTM EP#137 Ashley talks about cholesterol and heart health. NOW, since triathlon season and races are slowly coming back, we are reposting our first convo, from way back when. Get ready for a comprehensive convo on all things, nutrition.

Ashley and I kick off the conversation talking about performance fueling and endurance sports nutrition. We cover over training, using carbs, fat and protein as fuel for endurance athletes, volume eating, and sweat tests. We do a deep dive into immune system and stress boosting foods and nutrients, key blood biomarkers to watch from Vitamin D to Cortisol. They talk about Allostatic load, fiber, blood glucose, antioxidants, adaptations, inflammation, and more.

Marni on the Move, Episode #146 with Gil Blander, PhD., and Founder of InsideTracker, Gil Blander for more on InsideTracker!

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