30. Cosmopolitan’s Editor-In-Chief, Michele Promaulayko On The Media Industry, Her Love of Magazines, Madonna and the October Issue!

Fueled by strength training, coffee, Madonna,  and her love of magazines, today’s guest, Michele Promaulayko, helms the iconic and largest women’s media brand, Cosmopolitan, as Editor-in-Chief. She is also the Editorial Director of Hearst’s Young Women’s Group, which also includes Seventeen and Women’s Health. Michele is a highly respected and renowned print and digital editor, innovator, thought leader and has a long standing career in the world of media, from her first internship to her current job. On today’s episode we sync up about Michele’s career trajectory and doing what she loves, the current climate and evolution of the media industry, Cosmopolitan’s October Issue and duke it out for #1 Madonna fan status. 

Throughout the conversation we mention:



BlackSheep Studios

Aurora Towers + Horoscopes


Dagne Dover

Women’s Health



Pick up a copy of the October Issue, and of course, you can also read all of the great stories at Cosmo, Women’s Health and Seventeen online.

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