304: From NFL to CEO, Momentous Co-Founder & CEO, Jeff Byers On Democratizing High Performance & Optimizing Your Active Lifestyle

Jeff Byers is the Co-Founder and CEO of Momentous, a wellness company offering world-class performance and health solutions for high-performance seekers and life optimizers at all levels to push boundaries and strive for better. Working with the world’s best athletes and teams, including Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Champions, and Tour de France winners, Momentous has assembled one of the best scientific advisory boards in the industry to help push innovation and research forward, including two of our fave scientists Dr.Stacy Sims who has been on the Marni On The Move podcast twice on episodes #204 and #262 and  Dr. Andrew Huberman of Huberman Lab podcast.

You may have heard of Jeff’s first company Amp Human and his game changing flagship product PR Lotion (gives the body more bicarb, a natural electrolyte, to neutralize lactic acid in muscles which allows athletes to push harder, feel better, and go longer) or perhaps you have heard all about the sleep products on Huberman Lab or Dr. Stacy T. Sims recommendations for female athletes including creatine, protein, collagen, and more.

Today Jeff and I sync up on where the inspiration for Momentous and the full spectrum of products, catering to life optimizers and athletes began, we chat about how as a former NFL player, he suffers from TBI and the supplements he takes daily, the workouts and wellness that keep him fueled for success, and some key business lessons he has gleamed from years of playing football to being  a CEO and Co-Founder.

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