298. Joseph Sheehey, Founder & CEO CURED Nutrition, Talks Microdosing THC & The Health Benefits of CBD, CBN & Adaptogens For Sleep, Stress, Anxiety & Focus

Joseph Sheehey is the CEO & Founder of CURED Nutrition, Colorado’s premium provider of cannabinoid, functional mushroom and adaptogen products.

We are talking about cannabis and cannabinoids as the many health benefits including microdosing THC, the key difference between Hemp and Marijuana, CBN and CBD and how this all comes together with adaptogens and mushrooms. Joseph shares the power behind this incredible plant and how it can help with sleep, stress, anxiety, focus, gut health and so much more, thanks to the many products Cured has to offer including oils, capsules, salves, and gummies. We also discuss where the idea for CURED Nutrition began, when founder Joseph Sheehey was in a very dark place and an awakening to a lifelong struggle with depression which inspired him to change this world through what is now CURED Nutrition.

In addition, I get the scoop on the exercise and wellness fueling him for success. And, we talk about his very cool dog Aero. You may have noticed I have been asking guests about their dogs and pets. This is a new part of every Marni On The Move convo. PS. Cured Nutrition has CBD Pet Treats that our dogs LOVE!

Prior to CURED, Joseph was a NASA-contributing aerospace engineer, nationally distinguished physique competitor, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. During his 7 years in a professional engineering role, he contributed to projects sitting on the surface of Mars, orbiting Jupiter and slated to carry the next generation of next astronauts to space. Joseph holds extensive experience in human optimization through the design of nutrition, training, and introspective practices.

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