Triathlon Training

210: Physical Equilibrium Co-Owner, Sara Dimmick, On Building A Strong Exercise Foundation & Setting Realistic, Achievable Fitness Goals

Sara Dimmick is the Founder and co-partner of Physical Equilibrium. New York City’s premier boutique gym, fitness center offering personal training, nutrition, triathlon and run coaching, post-rehabilitation and therapeutic services. Sara shares where her journey into personal training and entrepreneurship began. We talk about her early roots in dance, how this career path brought her…

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179. Cycling Week: Wheels Up with Wahoo Fitness Founder, Chip Hawkins

When Wahoo Fitness Founder, Chip Hawkins launched his company back in 2009, the tech and data scene for fitness and endurance sports was almost non-existent. But thanks to Chip, here we are! Wahoo Fitness is a game changing fitness technology company that took the old school traditional indoor bike trainer and made it compatible with…

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123. Joe Friel, Co-Founder TrainingPeaks and World Renowned Endurance Sports Author & Coach On The Keys To Successful Performance, Training Mindset in COVID Times, & Tips For Cycling Inside

Joe Friel is the Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks, world renowned author, and top endurance sports coach. He a life-long athlete with over four decades of coaching amateur and professional athletes in a range of endurance sports.  In 1999, he took his coaching to the next level and digitized it, thanks to his son, Dirk Friel and…

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