GEAR UP For Fall: Ignite, Reboot & Refresh Your Running Routine With Cool Gear, Shoes, and Wearables

Reboot and refresh your running with some fun gear and wearables for Fall 2021!  Or maybe you’re just getting started, now is a great time. Races are back. It’s Fall Marathon season. The sport of running is having a new moment and influx of newcomers, thanks to the pandemic, when gyms were closed and people took to the roads and trails. Now that that races are back, its game time! Today on the podcast, I’ll be offering ideas on fun gear, shoes and a cool new wearable for running, whether you are just getting started or leveling up. Earlier this summer, we enlisted a team of Marni on the Move Insiders comprised of avid listeners of the pod, to help test out some cool stuff, in addition to my own personal collection of gear. This episode is one of a four part series that includes Personalized Nutrition, DIY Health Tests, Cycling, and Recovery.

Running convos referenced:

  • MOTM EP 164: Des Linden, Olympic Marathoner and 50K World Record Holder
  • MOTM EP 114:  Dr. Colleen Brough, PT, DPT, MS, Founder & Director of Columbia Run Lab

Brands we mention Brooks Running, InsideTracker, Hoka One One, RNNR, and NURRV.

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