289: Quantum Fitness Founder, Bryan Mirabella, Talks Human Performance, Restorative Breathing and Fascial Fitness

Bryan Mirabella is a the Founder of Quantum Fitness and a Human Performance Specialist with over three decades of industry experience helping others improve their health and well-being through breath-work, nutrition, and progressive loaded movement. He is a life-long athlete and as a collegiate wrestler and professional powerlifter he has faced multiple soft tissue injuries as well as two herniated discs and a torn biceps tendon. Having overcome these damages, it’s given him the experience and deep inner knowledge of the proper healing process and the innerstanding of the micro-circulatory system that g reatly enhances our ability to recover faster. Bryan is a master instructor for Oxygen Advantage.  He is also certified in Restorative Breathing, The Breathing Class Level 1, and Weckmethod.  He is hosting a workshop here in NYC beginning April 21-23, 2023 if you are interested head over to his website Quantamfitnessorg.com to learn more.

For 18 years, he led the youth wrestling program at the New York Athletic Club and has previously spent several years as a wrestling and strength coach for both Hunter College and New York University. He continues to develop strategies that work for a broad range of clients with ages ranging from 14 to 85,  including everyday active lifestylers, age group Triathletes,  Cyclists, NFL Players, Olympic Wrestlers, high profile founders and celebs to improve their well-being and movement performance. His mission is to make available the tools for healthy living, longevity, and self-empowerment.

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