Strength Training

288. Erik Blomberg, CEO Eleiko On Raising The Bar For Strength Training & Growing The Heritage Brand

Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko, one of the longest-running companies in strength training equipment delivering precision crafted strength equipment for all kinds of lifters from competition stage to training halls, health clubs to home gyms. It all began in 1957 as a family business. Now six decades of innovation and more than 1,000 world records…

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210: Physical Equilibrium Co-Owner, Sara Dimmick, On Building A Strong Exercise Foundation & Setting Realistic, Achievable Fitness Goals

Sara Dimmick is the Founder and co-partner of Physical Equilibrium. New York City’s premier boutique gym, fitness center offering personal training, nutrition, triathlon and run coaching, post-rehabilitation and therapeutic services. Sara shares where her journey into personal training and entrepreneurship began. We talk about her early roots in dance, how this career path brought her…

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24. Tatiana Boncompagni On The Power of Weight Lifting, Living Your Passion, and Being Strong Inside and Out

Tatiana Boncompagni is the creator of the paradigm-shifting weight-lifting class for women, Sculptologie, and is an NASM certified personal trainer, holistic health coach, wellness and food writer, recipe developer and Athleta brand ambassador. She is also the mother of three, the author of three novels and co-author of two diet and fitness guides, The Model Trainer Method and…

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