Colin McCabe

272: Colin McCabe, Co-Founder Chopt & Founder of Free Rain Is Helping People Live Healthier & Happier Through Food & Beverage

Colin McCabe is the Co-Founder of Founders Table Restaurant Group, Co-Founder at Chopt Creative Salad Company, Founder Free Rain. a really delicious line of wellness beverages. Colin was on the podcast over three years ago on episode 72. We catch up and he brings me up to speed on Chopt, then Colin shares the scoop…

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72. Colin McCabe, Co-Founder, Chopt: From Building a Business To Running, Triathlon and Kiteboarding-There Is More In You Than You Know

When two college friends realized they could not survive on burgers and french fries alone! They set out on a quest for the perfect healthy meal. Thus Chopt was born. In 2001 Colin McCabe and Tony Shure changed the salad restaurant landscape forever.  Thanks to their unique spin with flavor forward ingredients and globally inspired…

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