OOFOS MINI-SERIES: Linda Jaros, LMT,CYT, and Cert. Holistic Health Facilitator Talks Active Recovery, Movement & Wellness

Enjoy this special mini-series in partnership with active recovery shoe brand, OOFOS.  In three inspiring and unique conversations, we will be highlighting OOFOS brand ambassadors from the worlds of dance, triathlon and wellness

Wellness, breath-work, and mobility coach, Linda Jaros, LMT, CYT, Cert. Holistic Health Facilitator.  Linda is also the Brand Educator, Experience Specialist and Company Wellness Coach, at OOFOS, the game-changing recovery footwear, designed to keep your feet ready to always be chasing your goals.

OOFOS is the global leader in recovery footwear, founded by a team of industry veterans looking to help runners and fitness enthusiasts recover better from their workouts. Made with revolutionary OOfoam™ technology, OOFOS are designed to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear, so your body doesn’t have to – helping you recover and recharge between sessions. From professional athletes to casual walkers, OOFOS footwear will make your hard-working feet and body feel better – all you have to do is feel the OO.

On this episode, I sync up with Linda to talk all things wellness. We talk about her career origins as a massage therapist working in sports muscular therapy, specializing in injury and rehabilitation. Throughout her career, Linda has worked with athletes of all levels-Olympic, professional, and amateur athletes, as well as the weekend warrior. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Melt Method Instructor (self-care technique), and, created BreatheFit a class that is a fusion of mobility, breath, and functional strength exercises.  Linda is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to selfcare and living a healthy lifestyle!

During our conversation, Linda also touches upon the importance of active recovery, and shares her experiences treating common injuries, like plantar fasciitis.  If you are a runner or spend lots of time on your feet, I am sure you know this one well!  Enter OOFOS!  Linda chats with me about how she first discovered the footwear brand. She gives me the rundown on OOFOS’s latest products, and details why the company’s technology is the next best thing in everyday recovery.


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