Monday Moves: Wellness Game Changers For 2023

Happy Monday! Time for MondayMoves, Marni On The Move Podcasts weekly Monday solo drop under 15 minutes but today may be longer  I’m talking about my a few of my fave wellness tools, products and supplements thus far in 2023. The health andwellness game chagers your need to level up your routine.

The Marni On The Move 2023 State Of Wellness has four major categories:

  1. Game changing tools to dial in to your overall health, longevity and performance optimization ( from Blood Biomarkers to CPG)
  2. Hot & Cold Therapy For Recovery & Health
  3. Sleep Optimization
  4. Innovative Nutrition Supplements

I do a deep dive into the above categories and mention several great products including EightSleep, Januari AI, Eden;s, InsideTracker, Nix Biosensors, Precision Hydration, HigherDOSE, DeltaG Ketones, and BOA Nutrition. Tune in for more deets!


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