FLASHBACK Series: Castelli’s Steve Smith Offers an Inside Look at The World Famous Heritage Cycling Brand and Its Revolutionary Cycling Apparel Design, Aerodynamics and Comfort

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Steve Smith is the Global Brand Manager at Castelli, one of the world’s leading cycling apparel brands and yes, one of my favorites! On this episode of Marni on the Move, Steve and I talk all things cycling from the brands historical roots and influence in the cycling world, tracing all the way back to 19th century Italy to its game-changing performance cycling apparel including aerodynamics, weather protection, comfort and 2021 summer styles.

We discuss how Castelli has revolutionized design and functionality in performance cycling jerseys, jackets, shorts and kits, from introducing LYCRA® to the sport in 1977 and reinventing the bib short to designing its world famous Gabba race jersey, and translating this functionality and high tech design into clothing for everyday recreational cyclists and triathletes. Steve sheds light on the innovation process Castelli implements to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and design for the pros and beyond. He offers invaluable tips on dressing for cycling success for all weather and seasons, how to layer for long rides, and how to dress like a pro with great style.

Steve chats about his personal love of cycling, his favorite places to ride, the career path that led him to move to Italy for his current role at Castelli, where he lives, works and rides in Bassano del Grappa. We talk about the training and rides that fuel Steve for success, some key lessons he has learned from cycling, and what’s on his bucket list for 2021

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