99. Chloe Mortaud, Co-Founder, Mademoiselle Provence From Miss France & Modeling to Entrepreneurship & Building A Beauty Brand

Chloe Mortaud is the Co-Founder of Mademoiselle Provence, a line of natural personal care and beauty products that will transport you to the very heart of Provence.   Born in the South of France and Former Miss France (2009), Chloe certainly knows a thing or two about beauty. It should come as no surprise that after years of modeling and PR, she turned her creative talents toward entrepreneurship and building her own beauty company. Inspired by her French upbringing and lifestyle, Chloe combined heritage, naturalness and affordability into one simplistic brand – Mademoiselle Provence.

On today’s episode, Host Marni Salup sync’s up with Chloe Mortaud about the inspiration behind her company, challenges and lessons she experienced on her journey, and the workouts and wellness routines that fuel her for success.


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