110. Amanda Reiss, CMO, Living Proof: Rooted in Innovation, Beauty and Running

Fueled for success by running, Amanda Reiss is the CMO of Living Proof. Living Proof one of the best-selling prestige haircare brands on the beauty landscape, rooted in innovation and founded by biotech scientists and stylists. This breakthrough line of products are silicone and paraben free. Launched in 2005, today Living Proof has 50 unique products and has won more than 150 awards for disrupting the industry and solving the toughest problems in haircare. Amanda is an avid runner, mother of two, with a career path that is everything but traditional, and very cool. It’s no surprise she is now at this pioneering and innovative company. We talk about the science behind the haircare line, Living Proof, what they are doing during this time to support COVID-19 and how have they pivoted and changed plans, returning to their roots. Amanda’s shares her passion for connecting with consumers and building community for brands, her nontraditional career trajectory, and her love of running.


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