306: Eziah Syed, Co-Founder & CEO of mend™, Talks Nutrapharma, Healing & Recovery Solutions For Injury and Entrepreneurship

Eziah Syed is the Co-Founder & CEO of mend™, a life sciences company that is passionate about bringing the power of healing to people everywhere. Operating at the intersection of nutrapharma and digital wellness, mend helps and enables people who want to repair, recover, and return to life faster and better. The mend™, nutrapharma products are clinically proven, science backed, and recognized by the medical community to be effective in accelerating repair, recovery, and improving key risk factors contributing to chronic conditions.

Today on the podcast Eziah syed shares where the idea for mend™, began, we do a deep dive into the unique healing, recovery and repairing products,  along with the brands growth and marketing strategy. Eziah and I sync up about the exercise and wellness personally fueling him for success. I also get some sage business wisdom, as Eziah is also a seriel entrepreneur and prior to founding mend™, Eziah held senior innovation and strategy roles in multinationals (Deloitte and Citibank). He also shares a few great books he is reading in health and business that you are def going to want to add to your nightstand.

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