296. Hank Durschlag, Founder BOA Nutrition Talks Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sports

Hank Durschlag is the Founder of BOA Nutrition and innovator behind, BOA Ignite and BOA Endure, the game changing nutrition company/products leveraging the power of an oral aerosol mode delivery system, which provides athletes with a fast-acting solution to boost athlete performance. Created using BOA’s patented OraBlast™ technology to deliver atomized nutrients which are rapidly absorbed.

Hank is a seasoned founder and entrepreneur,  we chat about the inspiration behind BOA Nutrition, his career prior to BOA, where he founded and served in various leadership roles for sports, tech, and healthcare companies whose products have been developed for professional and amateur athletes. how he got into sports and athletics, his personal workout and wellness, what he’s reading and watching these days, and his really great podcast, The Blast!

The growing list of elite athletes using and endorsing BOA Nutrition products includes former Duke basketball star and Minnesota Timberwolves first-round draft pick Wendell Moore Jr., veteran Final Four college basketball stars Armando Bacot of North Carolina and Jeremy Roach of Duke, two-time U.S. Olympic marathoner Des Linden, U.S. Olympic triathlete Morgan Pearson, U.S. IRONMAN champion Sam Long, obstacle course champions Hunter McIntyre and Katie Knight, and L.A. Football Club forward Christian Torres.

BOA Ignite provides caffeine, B vitamins and electrolytes, as well as fast-acting and slow-acting carbohydrates, all within a two-second spray.

BOA Endure delivers the same amount of sodium in a two-second spray as a 12-ounce sports drink. The aerosol blast, quickly absorbed by the body, can help athletes hydrate up to 10 times faster than liquids, powders, pills, gels, or sticks, protecting athletes against the “sodium gap” which can lead to muscle fatigue and other problems, like cramping.

BOA Nutrition launched in 2020, working in collaboration with athletic training and sports nutrition experts at Duke University to create the first fast-acting oral aerosol for nutraceutical applications. The company is developing a range of new products using the OraBlast™ technology to deliver specific benefits to both competitive athletes and everyday consumers.


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