279. Paul Baek, Matter of Fact, Founder, Formulator, & CEO, Talks Clinical Skincare, K-Pop, and Entrepreneurship

Today on the podcast, I sync up with Paul Baek, Founder, Formulator, and CEO of my new favorite skincare company, Matter of Fact. A few months ago, I started using Matter Of Fact’s Ascorbic Acid 20, brightening Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating Moisturizor and both products have been game-changing for my skin. Matter of Facts patent-pending formula combines 20% Vitamin C with powerful antioxidants to dramatically improve the appearance of skin dullness, discolorations, and wrinkling. Thanks to their patent pending technology, they are able to dissolve high concentrations of Ascorbic Acid in waterless systems. Their breakthrough formulas with clinically-backed results and beautiful textures are amazing. I have been using daily and the serum has been great for my post swim goggle eyes and getting rid of the circles.

Paul and I sync up about Matter of Fact, where the inspiration began and some of the brands signature, innovative  research-backed ingredients and patent pending formulas.  We talk about his career as a K-Pop Star, the paraelles between the two careers, and some entreprenurial lessons Paul has learned along the way.  Paul also sheds light on his athletic backgound and the exercise and wellness routines currently fueling him for success.

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