233. TRIATHLON WEEK: French Professional Triathlete, Sam Laidlow Shares His Passion For Triathlon & Why The Sport Is In His DNA | LIVE From The OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah

Born into a family of triathletes, this sport is baked into French Professional Triathlete, Sam Laidlow’s DNA!  Sam and I caught up in St. George, Utah from our Live Marni On The Move podcast studio pop up in the OOFOS Recovery Lounge May 3-8, 2022. Sam was the youngest male pro on the field in St. George, first out of the water and finished in 8th place with a time of 8;02:56. Sam shares how he got into triathlon, what he loves about the sport, his philosophy around training and racing, what he was looking forward to in St. George, his vision for Kona and the coordinates of iconic IRONMAN World Championship Kona Finish Line!

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