227. TRIATHLON WEEK: Alex de Boer, Founder, deBoer Wetsuits, Sheds Light On The Super Fast Wetsuits & Where It All Began |LIVE from the OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah

Alex de Boer is the Founder of deBoer Performance Wetsuits, worn by 2021 IRONMAN World Champion Professional Triathletes, Daniella Ryf and Kristian Blummenenfelt along with many top professional triathletes including Ske Moench, Jan Frodeno, Lauren Branden, Kristian Gustav, Justin Metzler, as well as thousands of age groupers from around the globe. Marni On The Move podcast Host, Marni Salup, caught up with Alex LIVE from our  studio in the OOFOS Recovery Pop Up Lounge in St. Gorge Utah before IRONMAN World Championship’s to get the inside scoop on why these wetsuits are super-fast, to hear wear it all began, the inspiration behind the wetsuit design, and the exercise and sports fueling Alex for success. 

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