224. TRIATHLON WEEK: American Professional Triathlete, Matt Russell |LIVE from the OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah

LIVE from the OOFOS Recovery Lounge in St. George, Utah during IRONMAN World Championships, Marni sync’s up with globally renowned, American Professional Triathlete, the incredible Matt Russell.  Matt got his start in professional triathlon back in 2011 but in 2017 at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Matt had a life changing accident that altered the course of his life forever, when he was hit by a van while racing at 35mph on the bike course.  After surviving this devastating accident, Matt was undeterred from racing, he went back the following year to compete in IRONMAN World Championships coming in 6th place, and he continues to compete today and is here in St. George, Utah to race in the iconic IRONMAN World Championships. This conversation is all about overcoming obstacles, having faith, believing, and having positive attitude in the face of adversity.  We also talk about the new St. George race course, what Matt is looking forward to on the course this weekend, how he plans to recover post race, and how OOFOS Footwear has played a huge role in Matt’s journey back to racing, training, and everyday movement.

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