218: LIVE from Chelsea Piers Fitness: Discover InsideTracker & The Benefits of Ultra Personalized Nutrition With Stevie Lynn Smith, Sports Dietitian; Mike Nicholson, Chelsea Piers Fitness, Fitness Director; and Dorothy Beal, 47x Marathoner & RunKeeper Head of Content Strategy for Guided Workouts

LIVE from Chelsea Piers Fitness in NYC, todays Marni On The Move podcast offers an in-depth look at why you should be ahead of the curve when it comes to your health, dialed in to what’s happening in your blood and DNA, and how you can benefit from ultra- personalized nutrition and InsideTracker.  Host Marni Salup, sync’s up with panelists Mike Nicholson, Fitness Director, Chelsea Piers Fitness; Stevie Lynn Smith, MS, RDN, CSSD, CDN and InsideTracker Consultant; and Dorothy Beal, 47x Marathoner and RunKeeper, Director of Content Strategy for Guided Workouts

We do a deep dive into:

  • The benefits of ultra-personalized nutrition and wellness and InsideTracker
  • Preventative healthcare and why it’s important to know what is happening inside your body and why blood is the best way to analyze
  • Five blood biomarkers every athlete and fitness goer should know
  • How analyzing your DNA+ blood+ fitness tracker sleep and exercise data = A full personalized picture of health and wellness
  • Inner Age, what it is and why you need to discover yours.

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