177. Cycling Week: Wheels Up with Zwift’s Senior Content Strategist, Kate Veronneau: The Gamification of Endurance Sports, Unlocking a Pro Career, and the Rise of Women in The Sport of Cycling

Kate Veronneau is an avid cyclist, former domestic pro cyclist and D1 college basketball player, and now the Senior Content Strategist at Zwift.  I know so many of my listeners are on Zwift but for those who have not yet come over to the dark side…

Zwift is the ultimate online endurance sports and fitness platform catering to cyclists, runners and triathletes around the globe.  Founded by Eric Min in 2014, the app and platform are rooted in gaming with both super creative video game designers and top athletes, coaches and fitness goers working behind the scenes to bring the Zwift experience and community to life which is truly where fitness meets adventure!  Athletes race and train on immersive interactive courses in cities like London, New York, and Paris or in the magical fantasy worlds unique to Zwift like Watopia and The Makuri Islands. Zwift uses multiplayer online gaming technology to create vibrant, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Zwifters unlock cool virtual in-game prizes and badges along the way.   It’s super easy to use. You just download the app , it connects wirelessly to your  exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more

Beyond the incredible courses, races, and worlds, Zwift offers top training programs across cycling, running, and triathlon called The Zwift Academy, which is what Kate came on board at Zwift to spearhead and launch in 2016. Here, champion Zwifters unlock coveted sought after real-life opportunities like earning a spot on the CANYON//SRAM Pro Cycling Team.

On this episode, Kate and I sync up about Zwift’s most exciting new venture as the presenting sponsor for the 2022 Tour de France Femme, kicking off on July 24th, 2022 and how the gaming platform has played a major role in increasing the rise of women to the sport of cycling and the Zwift community. Kate dials listeners in to the Zwift Academies for cycling, triathlon, and running, we touch upon some of the upcoming courses, races, tours, and worlds in Zwift. Kate shares where her passion for cycling began and what her goals are now, and overall what she loves about the sport.

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