155. Nicole Bernard Dawes, Nixie Sparkling Water, Founder & CEO On Fueling with Nutritious Snacks & Healthy Hydration and Finding The Sparkle in Life

Nicole Bernard Dawes’ inspiration for Nixie Sparkling Water was a lifetime in the making—literally. Nicole’s passion for creating healthy solutions for snack time began when she was a child growing up in her mom’s health food store. But, as Nicole got older, she realized there was a serious lack of healthy, satisfying, and delicious snacks in the nutrition sector. The solution? The launch of Nicole’s very own healthy snack and beverage companies, Late July and Nixie Sparkling Water.

This pioneering business owner is dedicated to transforming the food and beverage industry by creating delicious, organic options. As Founder and CEO of Nixie Sparkling Water, Dawes draws upon her lifetime of experience in the industry to offer a superior-tasting and certified USDA organic, non-GMO sparkling water that doesn’t contain synthetic solvents, carriers or artificial preservatives. Since Nixie first hit stores in 2019, Dawes has led the Bay Area-based brand’s growth into 4,000 retailers nationwide. 

On this episode, Nicole shares her journey as an entrepreneur in the food and beverage space. She talks growing up with both of her parents working in the food industry, and how that experience instilled in her a lifelong love of quality snacks. We chat about the inspiration behind her first company, Late July, and her motivation to launch her newest endeavor, Nixie Sparkling Water, a line of refreshing, flavorful sparkling water.

Nicole and I sync up about the challenges of promoting Nixie Sparkling Water during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her commitment to supporting retailers, and her empowering company culture.

Of course, I touch base with Nicole about how she balances entrepreneurship with family life, and the wellness routines that keep her motivated and ready to invent the next best thing in nutritious snacking.

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